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Roddy Bogawa
8 minutes
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The Imagined, the Longed-for, the Conquered and the Sublime

The video is a collection of 'pure images' of landscape, redeeming these images for what they are. Taken, but unaltered, in the order they appear, from the films Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill, 84 Charlie Mopic, Apocalypse Now, and the Deer Hunter, the abridged mini-versions of these 'epics' proclaim a beauty all their own. Not quite Vietnam -- possibilities include the Philippines, Los Angeles, Northern California -- each depiction provides taxonomical clues to the history that will ultimately outlive those who experienced this technological and historical rupture firsthand.

"This piece evolved out of a book project listing DJ playlists from Hollywood Vietnam War films. The landscapes of Northern California, the Philippines, etc. are used in different ways to create fictive spaces that represent danger, comfort, mystery, or something to destroy or traverse. "
- Sally Berger, Museum of Modern Art

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