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Hyacinthe Combary
Producer: National Film Board of Canada
48 minutes
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Tales of Sand and Snow

This intriguing documentary creates a cinematic dialogue between two indigenous cultures -- one from the desert of Burkina Faso, Africa the other from the snows of Quebec, Canada. Hyacinthe Combary travels to the home of the Atikamekw people of Quebec to discover what commonalities bond these people to his own Gourmantche people of Burkina Faso. Both cultures have been victims of colonization, both have rituals and ceremonies that are part of ancient spiritual traditions that have almost been lost. In a quest to rediscover the spiritual values of his own people, the filmmaker comes to the realization that his question for cultural identity is a universal one. He asks the questions ?With the globalization of culture, how can one keep from becoming dehumanized, from being cut off from one’s deepest being.

TALES OF SAND AND SNOW is no longer available.
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