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Walidah Imarisha
Producer: Phil Fivel Rothberg
23 minutes
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Finding Common Ground in New Orleans

In this short documentary, activist and poet Walidah Imarisha travels to New Orleans and other neighboring towns shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. In her path she encounter grassroots organizations like Common Ground and Soul Patrol that were formed in response to the government?s failure to manage evacuation and relief efforts before, during and after the hurricane. She also finds Camp Amtrak, a makeshift jail and court room at an old bus station where inmates are sentenced to community service. Finally, she meets people in neighboring towns that are still waiting for FEMA to pays them a visit. Through interviews with residents, activists and city officials, Imarisha succinctly captures the pain, loss and hope of the people of New Orleans.

  • Director's Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival, 2006

  • Screenings
  • Documentary Fortnight Expanded: MoMA's Annual Festival of Nonfiction Film 2007
  • Women of Color Film Festival, San Francisco, 2007

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