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Mabel Maio
22 minutes
English subtitles
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The Quilmes According to Miguel Mamani

Decimated during the Spanish colonization and vilified by Argentina's official history, the Quilmes remain alive in the ruins of their ancient city and in the passionate voice of Miguel Mamani, a proud descendant of this indigenous tribe. Drawing on oral tradition and the writings of Jesuit scholars, Miguel tells the unofficial story of the Quilmes: their origins, their way of life, their religious beliefs and their struggle to preserve their own history and culture.

"Miguel Mamani transmits the unwritten oral history of his people, in order to combat their near extinction from historical record. He explores the cultural heritage, belief system, social and political organization, annihilation, and remaining ruins of the Quilmes. While the last full blooded member of the Quilmes died in Buenos Aires in 1821, their descendents are learning to respect their origins and are reclaiming and rescuing their culture. Recommended for those interested in ancient civilizations, early Latin American history and Indigenous studies."
- Charmaine Henriques, Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO)

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