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Mabel Maio
48 minutes
English subtitles
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Ritual Rhythms: Candombe

This documentary explores the history and modern reality of candombe, the drum music of Uruguay's black parade bands. It is a way of life that was born in the musical gatherings of slaves in urban marketplaces and plazas. Despite persistent racism, past and present, the 200,000 Uruguayans of African descent experience candombe as a way of life, as part of the cast of characters that inhabit the tenements of Montevideo's Reus and Ansina neighborhoods, where parents rock cradles with drummed lullabies, and children learn to play drums on oil cans. Moving from riveting musical performances to detailed discussions of the history of slavery and the historical development of candombe, Ritual Rhythms is an exciting and informative introduction to candombe, the music of Afro-Uruguay.

"Beautifully shot… interviews, primarily with candombe drummers, are intercut with street performances from Montevideo"
- David Henderson, Society of Ethnomusicology Film/Videography

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