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Brigid Maher
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Keisha Johnson, an African American soldier, goes AWOL in Iraq after she flees a violent incident. On her "walkabout" journey, she encounters children who decide to help her. Keisha and the children grow to understand each other despite the political barriers that have torn their lives apart.

"Evokes a wealth of cross-cultural ambiguities and tensions generated by the war"
- Pat Aufderheide, Film Critic

"While the soldier and the grandmother share no common language, the two women share a bond of sympathy and compassion, and the youngest child, an orphan, quickly formed a close attachment with the American. This film would be an excellent resource to stimulate discussion on the problems of women in the military or issues of communication between cultures. Recommended for specialized programs in women’s studies, multicultural studies, or African American studies."
- Patricia B. McGee, Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO)

  • National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC, 2007 Reel Women International Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2007

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