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Se Young JO
72 minutes
South Korea
English subtitles
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“I was about six. Back then I didn't know what it was or what it was called, so I couldn't tell anyone. But even after I knew what it was, I still couldn't speak out.” --KangYoung, Korean performance artist

In South Korea, only seven percent of female victims of rape or attempted rape report their case to the authorities. Through interviews, testimonies, performances and animation, this award-winning documentary brings forth stories of sexual violence against Korean women.

Mai was assaulted and raped by a stranger in her own house; she now awaits a court decision in the trial against her perpetrator. Hansae, a survivor of sexual violence, teaches sex education in high schools. Bozzang, a victim of sexual harassment during her involvement in the student movement, encourages women to speak up. She says, “People need to know about the situation, why sexual violence is such a huge crime, so that we can change public awareness. We survived, and now we're talking.”

With wit and courage, these women share their stories in support groups and public events, including Small Talk, Sexual Violence Survivors Speak Out, and Take Back the Night. By talking to others, these women bare their hearts, rediscover themselves and help each other overcome their trauma.

"A critical look at contemporary Korean Society...for the women who survive sexual assaults, there is little recourse for the pain and suffering they experienced. In this tightly constructed film, the personal stories of three of these women are sympathetically presented. Recommended."
- Linda Frederiksen, Educational Media Reviews Online

  • Best Film of Progressive Vision, Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival

  • Screenings
  • Seoul Human Rights Film Festival
  • Queens International Human Rights Film Festival Film Festival
  • DMZ Documentary Film Festival
  • Gwang-ju Human Rights Film Festival
  • Seoul Independent Film Festival

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