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Hailima Yates
Producer: Anonamiss Productions, LLC
45 minutes
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Saints Rising

SAINTS RISING is a documentary presenting the voices of New Orleans years after Hurricane Katrina and the breech of the levees. From children to volunteers, they discuss the troubles that were left behind after the waters resided: the violent and militarized response, the housing crisis, homeless situation, difficulties in obtaining financial assistance/relief funds, what happened to the money, how the youth have been mentally affected, and the grassroots movement to rebuild the city and their lives.

This movie is not about the hurricane but the ethical treatment of human beings. The residents express the mistreatment and abandonment they experienced after the failed emergency relief efforts by FEMA and the Bush administration, which in the end, set the standard for making a change for future disasters. SAINTS RISING answers how organizations distributed the means and gives insight on how millions of dollars, supplies and contracts were offered in aid relief, yet years later, the city remains devastated. SAINTS RISING gives you a chance to see the children’s perspective about how the devastation lingers in their mind while the homeless share their angst on the obstacles to rebuild their lives.

This documentary does not exploit their pain or show the hurricane, it shows what has been left behind and the fight to make it right. This documentary reveals how people pull together in hard times through interviewing organizations members and volunteers and what they are doing to help the residents rebuild their lives.

"SAINTS RISING explores the lingering impact of Hurricane Katrina on multiple aspects of life in New Orleans - the mental health of children and adults, community relations, housing, jobs, homelessness. Using footage of storm damage and interviews with a broad sampling of the city's people, this documentary proves an excellent overview of the myriad problems arising out of the levee failure and subsequent botched relief efforts. Recommended for all collections."
- Patricia B. McGee, Educational Media Reviews Online

  • San Diego Black Film Festival, 2009
  • The Bug Theatre, Denver, 2009
  • FairGrinds Coffee House, New Orleans, 2008
  • KBDI Channel 12, PBS, Colorado
  • Oakland International Film Festival, 2009

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