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Ricardo E Causo
27 minutes
English subtitles
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If You Could Walk In My Shoes


Ecuadorian immigrant Roberto Marquez has been living in New York City for more than a decade, yet he has been unable to adjust his immigration status because there has been no path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the United States since 1998. Roberto left Ecuador during the immigration wave of the late 90s when more than 500,000 Ecuadorians left their country due to political and financial instability.

Roberto and his wife, Maria, both work as cobblers in Manhattan, and they share the same dream of buying their own shoe repair shop. Latino filmmaker Ricardo Causo followed them for four years, documenting the life of an Ecuadorian-American family as they transform their lives from workers to business owners and become parents of a beautiful baby girl--the first American citizen in the family.

IF YOU COULD WALK IN MY SHOES premiered at the Workers Unite! Film Festival in New York and is now available for educational and community screenings.

Filmmaker Ricardo Causo is available for speaking engagements. Visit the film's Facebook page:

  • Workers Unite! Film Festival

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