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Tanaz Eshaghian & Sara Nodojoumi
27 minutes
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I Call Myself Persian: Iranians in America

From the Iran hostage crisis of '79 to the WTC attacks, images of hostile Iranians and Middle Easterners have been well-ingrained in the American psyche, but no informed images come to mind representing Iranians living on American soil. The Iranian Revolution took place in 1979, after which over one million Iranians fled the country. Since then hundreds of thousands of Iranians have been living in the United States. "I Call Myself Persian" lets Iranian-Americans speak of how their identities are affected by being made to feel like outsiders in a country they now call home.

"Reminds us that Iranians had experienced the same backlash and violence during the hostage crisis of 1979, and again when the Oklahoma City and the first World Trade Center bombings occurred. Polls reveal that 70 percent of Americans assumed Iranians were Arabs, even though they have a different language and culture. Viewers meet Iraninas college students and professionals, many of who came to this country to escape the chaos after the fall of the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran."
- Blanca Vazquez, After 9.11, National Video Resources

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