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Akram Zataari
33 minutes
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This series of shorts documents the lives of Beiruti women. "Make-up" (8 min) is a meditation on age, death and the cycle of life as a widow who lives overlooking the Bashoura Cemetery reflects on the circumstances of her life. In "The Fountain (10 min), the family of an Egyptian carpet maker living in the ruins of an old mansion gather round and tell stories. As the father repairs the fountain, they talk about the memories the mansion holds for them. In "Motorcycle" (8 min) a noble and wealthy man had no children to inherit his wealth - a woman who had worked as his servant is now the only one left to tell his story. In "Abdel-Halim" (7 min), Mrs. Jabr recalls the story of her grandchild forced to leave home after the 1976 bombing of Beirut. She recounts the marriages, deaths and births that have happened in her house as her grandchild tells the story of her own wedding.
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