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Robert Crusz
Producer: Sankofa Film and Video Collective
25 minutes
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"When I was a child in Sri Lanka, my father encouraged me to consider everything European and Western to be of greater value than things Asian and Eastern...I arrived in England with great excitement and anticipation expecting to be received as one of the family.." INBETWEEN is a testament to the empowerment inherent in the exploration of both self and personal/national histories through the constant interrogation and redefinition of identity that lead to a new sense of political awareness. This personal film uses narrative and documentary techniques to present the filmmaker's sense of an identity that is both part and outside of two cultures. Family photographs and super-8 footage, fictionalized recreations of the filmaker's childhood, images of colonial Ceylon and Sri Lanka torn by civil war, as well as the presence of the filmmaker within the piece, evoke the often painful experiences of the post-colonial subject in the diaspora.
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