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Third World Newsreel Workshop
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This sensitive drama adeptly portrays the clash of two cultures and the difficulty of finding a healthy balance in the process of assimilation. Constance is a young Jamaican American woman who has reluctantly come home to the Bronx while on Spring break from her liberal arts college. Her new ways of viewing the world, combined with a barely concealed disdain for people she once respected result in family quarrels. Her fiercely proud mother challenges her to acknowledge her self-worth and reminds Connie never to forget "from where she did come".

"A young Jamaican-American woman returns home to her working class neighborhood from an affluent New England University. She discovers that she must find a balance between her woring class roots and her new influences."
- D'Ghetto Eyes

  • D'Ghetto Eyes : Film and Video by New Black, Latino, Asian & Native Directors

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