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Shu Lea Cheang
300 minutes
Will Be Televised

As video camcorders become more widely distributed in Asia, video makers have become active protagonists in the social and political changes taking place in the region. This series of tapes from five different parts of Asia offers a window on these movements. Each one hour tape illustrates Asia's struggles for freedom of expression and democracy from the perspectives of regional video makers, artists and activists: "Until Daybreak" (Korea); "A Legacy of Violence"(The Philippines); "The Generation After Martial Law"(Taiwan); "Only Something That is About to Disappear Becomes an Image" (Hong Kong); "Presenting River Elegy" (China). [Distributed in five separate tapes]

In 5 separate tapes. Prices quoted are for a single tape. Rental is $85.00 per tape. Purchase is $225.00 per tape. Inquire for purchase.

"Tapes that reflect an astonishing variety of styles...The work is both self-reflexive and defiant, speaking both to media practices in home countries and to political and social conditions under or misrepresented in Western media."
- Claire Aguilar, AFTERIMAGE

Shu Lea Cheang
300 minutes
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