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J.T. Takagi & Christine Choy
Producer: Third World Newsreel
30 minutes
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Bittersweet Survival

This documentary examines the re-settlement of South-East Asian refugees in the United States in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The film begins with a montage of riveting footage depicting the devastating effects of the war. It then unveils the mixed reception given Vietnamese refugees in the United States, from battles with local fishermen in Monterey, California, to conflicts in Philadelphia where their arrival in the city's poorest neighborhoods kindled resentment in the Black community. The film also explores their struggle to cope with life in the U.S. and maintain their identity.

"For many refugees, America is not the land of hope, but the place of shattered dreams."
- David Kishiyama, L.A.TIMES

  • Honorable Mention, Athens International Film Festival

  • Screenings
  • Silk Screen Series, PBS, 1982

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