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Christine Choy, Worth Long, Allan Siegel
Producer: Third World Newsreel
120 minutes
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Mississippi Triangle

This is an intimate portrait of life in the Mississippi Delta, where Chinese, African Americans and whites live in a complex world of cotton, labor, and racial conflict. The history of the Chinese community, originally brought to the South to work on cotton plantations after the Civil War, is framed against the harsh realities of civil rights, religion, politics, and class in the South. Rare historical footage and interviews of Delta residents are combined to create this unprecedented document of inter-ethnic relations in the American South. A Third World Newsreel production.

"By the time Christine Choy made MISSISSIPPI TRIANGLE, in collaboration with Allan Siegel and Worth Long, Choy had become less interested in the continuities of particular ethnic heritages than with the intersections of the multiple ethnicities that coexist within virtually any community in America: in this particular film, with the European-Americans, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans living in the Mississippi Delta region… The finished film is peppered with moments that provide an unusual, but quite powerful critique of conventional film expectations with regard to ethnicity."
- Scott MacDonald, A Critical Cinema 3: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers

"MISSISSIPPI TRIANGLE is a film in which acknowledgement of human complexity reveals an extraordinary world among Blacks, Chinese and Whites in the Mississippi Delta. It is moving and powerful because it is not heavy or dogmatic. People will like it, scholars will embrace it."
- Emile de Antonio, Filmmaker

"We see and hear for the first time, personal stories of Chinese families in the Mississippi Delta--their history and their experiences. We recognize people who are Southern and have never given up their deeply rooted Asian identity."
- Louise Lo, Programmer for the Asian American Programming Consortium, CPB

"The work of veteran filmmaker Christine Choy has often been concerned with revising our commonly and uncritically held views, most often with hard-hitting footage that simply marvels."
- All Movie Guide

"....ethnicity, acculturation, racism and interracial associations, poverty, social and economic change, community development and much more."
- Neil McMillen, Prof. of History, Univ. of Southern Mississippi

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