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Yvonne Welbon
30 minutes
English subtitles
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Remembering Wei Yi-fang, Remembering Myself.

An autobiographical experimental documentary about the artist's experiences as an African-American woman living in Taiwan for six years. Recreations of time and place are presented through memories, historical documents, photographs, and film and video footage, moving from the artist's ancestral home in Honduras to South Dakota to Chicago to Taipei, Taiwan, creating intersections between these cultures. Weaving dialogue in English and Chinese between the artist and her Chinese persona, Wei Yi-Fang, combined with her Honduran grandmother's stories, the film re-defines notions of "home". Welbon writes: "In this film, I examine my discovery, through another language and culture, that I can never really be free of the pains of racism until I find respect here at home through self-knowledge."

"Iconoclastic, creative meditation on the nature of racism, culture, and heritage."
- Andrew Beck, P.O.V.

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