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Shara K. Lange

Shara is founder and director of Light Projects: Documentary/Art/Community and Professor of Television at The University of Monterrey, Mexico. She completed her MFA in film production at the University of Texas with emphasis on documentary and experimental film. In 2007, she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study Arabic and to make the documentary, THE DRESSMAKERS, in Morocco. She has previously worked as Associate Producer on a documentary series about declining marine fisheries, EMPTY OCEANS, EMPTY NETS, and on Steven Okazaki’s HBO documentary, REHAB.

Lange was awarded the David Bruton, Jr. Graduate Fellowship for excellence in graduate research, research grants from The American Institute of Maghrib Studies, and has presented her work at several graduate conferences including the Sequels Graduate Symposium (Ethnic and Third World Literatures in the Department of English) and the French and Italian Graduate Student Organization (FIGSO) Conference. Text and images from her thesis documentary, THE WAY NORTH: MAGHREBI WOMEN IN MARSEILLE, were published in Intersections: Women's and Gender Studies in Review across Disciplines, an Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Publication of the Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) department at The University of Texas at Austin.


The Way North: Maghrebi Women in Marseille
Shara K. Lange
2008, 60 min., Color, France
"I thought that in France life would be easier—it’s the land of liberty. But it wasn’t like that at all." --Fatima Rhazi

From Marseille come the stories of North African women making new ...

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