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Tina M. Bastajian

Tina Bastajian is a Los Angeles based film/video artist whose work shapes sound and image to deconstruct narrative forms and elements of the documentary. She uses layered and stylized tableaus with (re)found images often juxtaposed with multiple languages, translation and silence to explore memory, identity, erasure, displacement and desire. Her award winning works include YELLOW ARIA (1988), PINCHED CHEEKS AND SLURS IN A LANGUAGE THAT AVOIDS HER (1995) and REMEMBERING FATIMA: A STUDY ON DURATION (2000)


Jagadakeer: Between the Near and East
Tina M. Bastajian
2001, 19 min., Color, US
Jagadakeer is an Armenian word meaning fate, or literally, what is written on one's forehead. Memory, nostalgia, displacement, absence and reconnection are explored using the Armenian genocide as a po...

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