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Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
50 minutes
English subtitles
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Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano

INVENTOS explores the burgeoning Hip-Hop scene in Cuba. In spite of the US trade embargo against Cuba, the Hip-Hop movement is flourishing with popular innovative groups such as EPG&B, Grandes Ligas, Anonimo Consejo, and Sexto Sentido offering creative energy and powerful social commentary on Cuban social issues and politics. Groups such as Orishas are profiled as one of the few Cuban Hip-Hop groups that live outside of Cuba and have a worldwide following. The film follows these artists to their homes, various performances, the Cuban Hip-Hop festival, and for many, their first time abroad to perform and record in New York. Though materially these artists do not have access to the same resources that American Hip-Hop artists have, as MC Kokino of Anonimo Consejo says, "out of little, we make a lot." Inventos truly shows us that the best art is made from pure creativity, inspiration, and drive. The film also features American hip-hop artists Dead Prez and Tony Touch.

"[Inventos] is the language of common struggle."
- Mosi Secret, NRG Magazine

"Inventos is power."
- M1 of dead prez

"Inventos is the type of documentary that we'll share with our grandchildren..."
- Estella Sanchez, Catalyst Magazine

"This documentary changed my life"
- Rolando Brown, Dir. Brand Development, Hip-Hop Association

"Inspiring, Entertaining and Educational"
- Eric Camins, Student, New School University

"Inventos is helping to bring Cuban voices above ground."
- FREE Magazine

"Inventos is fascinating... a wonderfully refreshing reminder of the power of hip-hop."
- Undercover Magazine, UK

  • Documentary of the Year, Pan African Film Festival, Denver, CO
  • Best Documentary, Cine Las Americans, Austin, TX

    Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
    50 minutes
    English subtitles
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