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Ana Garcia
Producer: Ana "Rokafella" Garcia
45 minutes
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All the Ladies Say

Veteran b-girl Ana "Rokafella" Garcia's first documentary film ALL THE LADIES SAY features the work of female breakdancers in the United States, including Aiko, Baby Love, Beta, Lady Champ, Severe and Vendetta. This film raises awareness of the female presence in Hip-hop and promotes the growth of this dance community in the United States and internationally. Discussions about femininity, motherhood and the representation of women in popular culture are a few of the themes explored by the dancers.

A physically demanding dance form and originally performed in the streets, breakdancing has been associated with male dancers, or b-boys. ALL THE LADIES SAY convincingly challenges this assumption with a wealth of archival and contemporary audiovisual materials including an exclusive interview with Baby Love, a B-girl pioneer and previous tour member of the Rock Steady Crew dance group. Despite the obstacles, professional b-girls have carved a niche in the male-dominated world of Hip-Hop and continue to pursue their dreams.

An inspiring look at the world of female breakdancers, ALL THE LADIES SAY documents the 2006 tour "The B Girl Sitdowns" and features dance performances from veteran and upcoming b-girls in San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Minneapolis. The B Girl Sitdowns was funded by the Ford Foundation and organized by Full Circle Productions, a non-profit organization that presents uplifting Hip Hop dance performances and provide educational Hip Hop dance programming in New York City.

ALL THE LADIES SAY is available for educational purchase and public screenings. Purchase of the DVD & Digital File combo includes a discussion guide and a short video tutorial of the following breakin' moves: kick out, kick out turn, 2-step and roll back shoulder freeze. Ana "Rokafella" Garcia is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

ALL THE LADIES SAY is part of the Women in Hip-Hop Series, a film series curated by NYU Hip-Hop Education Center's Founding Director Martha Diaz.

Documentaries contains mild language.

"Everyone knows about the men in hip hop, but this documentary showcases the female break-dancers... illuminating the triumphs and challenges of hip hop culture. A smart and exciting exploration of the B-Girl phenomenon in the U.S."
- Dance on Camera Festival

"Highly Recommended. So few films, if any, provide an intimate look at the role of women in hip-hop as told from the perspective of a B-girl… ALL THE LADIES SAY does an outstanding job showcasing the mental and physical determination of these courageous women who deservedly have earned a place in hip-hop culture and history books."
- Monique Threatt, EMRO

  • World Premiere, Dance on Camera Festival, New York
  • Maysles Cinema, Harlem
  • Bronx Museum of Art
  • Ladies of Hip Hop Festival, Philadelphia
  • B-Girl Be Festival, Minneapolis
  • Dance New Amsterdam, New York
  • U.N.I.T.Y Culture Hip-Hop Conference, Chicago
  • Momma's Hip-Hop Kitchen
  • Bronx Music Heritage Center
  • Duke University's Dancing the Afro Diaspora
  • B Supreme Hip-Hop Women's Festival, London

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    Ana Garcia
    Producer: Ana "Rokafella" Garcia
    45 minutes
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