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Nana Dijo; Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness
40 minutes
English subtitles
Nana Dijo; Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness
Navigating in a cultural industry flooded with politically conservative projects about afro-descendency, with approaches that are fully subordinated to the cultural hegemonies and with the only intention to exoticize and not to empower the body of the oppressed, NANA DIJO emerges as a solid effort to affirm the Black experience narratives in first person.

NANA DIJO is an urgent historical registry filmed in Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Argentina and the United States, which opens a crucial platform of analysis about race relations/politics by transgressing beyond the parameters of "safe discourses" imposed by culturalist agendas. The narrative sewed into Nana Dijo grows out from the body of the oppressed as an auto-cartographic experience that trespasses the borders created by nation-states.

Nana Dijo is the Black experience, often hidden in the colonized psyche, which goes out for a walk each Sunday through the vernacular manifestations of our elders.

NANA DIJO; Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness is the first documentary collaborative project by Bocafloja and Cambiowashere.
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"It is a fascinating subject, and the black-and-white cinematography here reinforces the monochromatic view of racial identity... This is a bold and often disturbing view of race in today’s Latino world. Recommended." - P. Hall, Video Librarian Magazine
Nana Dijo: Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness forms a rich archive of Afro-Latina/x testimonios that instructors should consider bringing into their classrooms to facilitate critical discussions that center the audible voices and experiences of Afro-Latina/xs throughout the diaspora, complete with their virtual and embodied on-screen presence. - James Padilioni, Jr., Films for the Feminist Classroom
‘NANA DIJO cultivated a pride of shared history that is so necessary to effectively combat the theft of our identity and thus, our very right to blossom with dignity.” - Prof. Rosiangela Escamilla, San Diego City College
“Thank you for introducing Bocafloja's work to us and other writers/activists who have influenced us in the work that we are doing which is empowering. The importance of community building to combat this oppressed system won't get done until we understand who we are.” - Joanie Lopez, San Diego City College student activist, MEChA president and POTC
“Bocafloja elaborates a responsible genealogy of the Black experience in the America’s through a new unapologetic poetic discourse that allow us to understand our present and visualize our future” - Gerardo Salinas, Mestizo Arts Festival (Belgium)
“A brilliant contribution in the analysis of the body of the oppressed.” - PEN World Voices Festival
"A gripping documentary about the African diaspora in the Americas…" - Walter Thompson-Hernández, Remezcla
• Afro-Latino Festival, New York
• San Francisco Black Film Festival
• Blackstar Film Festival, Philadelphia
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