INTRODUCTION TO THE END OF AN ARGUMENT uses clips from feature films, cartoons and network tv, to provides a bold critique of the portrayal of Arabs in Western media. Images of Rudolph Valentino, Barbara Eden, Golda Meir, Elvis Presley and Mr. Magoo, lead a barrage of found footage that is juxtaposed with text and location footage shot on the West Bank and in Gaza. It also points to the negative influence of Arab stereotypes on U.S. views and foreign policy. Watch on Vimeo.

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"The energy, the pacing, the archival photos and footage, and the storytelling and storytellers!
It teaches and inspires and underlines how important it is to always know the roots of our activism and our victories..."

"Portraits our practices, our belief systems, our traditions through an acurate lens."

"Tells the moving story of the formation of the Young Lords, and shows how a group of committed, militant youth tackled the long neglected problems of their barrio community."

"The invaluable Movement documentaries Newsreel produced furthered the work of the Black Panther Party and now provide the essential visual record of the Party's early days."

"After seeing this film, 'security' will take on new meanings, and the world map will never look the same."

"This film portrays New York's Chinatown through an unfiltered lens, painting an honest view of a community built by laborers in spite of the powerful forces of the cops and real estate developers who run the city to this day."

"A documentary that explores, through Chase's experience and that of other men who were raised without fathers, how they filled the holes in their hearts and prevailed over their feelings of anger, sadness and abandonment."

"The fact that a young woman, was waiting for the bus and this happened to her is enough to outrage anyone."

"Director Shari Frilot highlighted the need to bust open static concepts of race, sexuality, and even nation-states."

"....ethnicity, acculturation, racism and interracial associations, poverty, social and economic change, community development and much more."

"A compelling consciousness-raiser of trenchant artistry, Amy Chen's 'The Chinatown Files' is a superb documentary, a triumph of organization, research and clarity that reveals the horrific impact of the McCarthy era upon the Chinese American community."

"ANOTHER BROTHER is a compelling, must see documentary of the Vietnam War period, Black life, and a social commentary that depicts the richness of a hero who never stopped fighting for his country community and people."

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TWN acknowledges that in New York we are on the unceded territory of the Lenni Lenape, Canarsie, Shinecock, and Munsee peoples and challenges the harm that continues to be inflicted upon Indigenous and People of Color communities here and abroad, which is why we all need to be part of the struggle for rights, equality and justice.

TWN is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Color Congress, MOSAIC, New York Community Trust, Peace Development Fund, Ford Foundation, Golden Globe Foundation, Kolibri Foundation and individual donors.