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Join us as we celebrate the beginning of our 5th decade 

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H2A and Third World Newsreel's Indie Distribution Label

The Hip-Hop Association (H2A) and Third World Newsreel (TWN) partner in H2ONEWSREEL, a distribution label offering the best in Hip-Hop media, education, and culture.

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The 2015 Production Workshop Applications are now Available!

   Apply now for the next Production Workshop. The TWN Fall Evening Seminars featured Kevin Lee, Arthur Jafa, Judy Escalona, JT Takagi, Yolanda Pividal, One9, Erik Parker, Martha Diaz, Cynthia Lopez and Stanley Nelson - tune in for our spring schedule! 

Remembering Herman Lew and moving forward

We are mourning Herman Lew and there will be an LA memorial soon.  Read More  Through A Lens Darkly, Gideon's Army gets Emmy nomination, When I Walk on POV, American Promise and more.


Rachèle Magloire & Chantal Regnault

DEPORTED follows members of a unique group of outcasts in Haiti: criminal deportees from North America. Since 1996, the United States has implemented a policy of repatriation of all foreign residents who have been convicted of crimes. Every two weeks, about 50 Haitian nationals are deported from the United States; 40 percent are convicted legal residents who completed their jail sentence in America. To a lesser extent, Canada applies a similar policy. Through the portraits and interviews of four deportees in Haiti and their families in North America, DEPORTED presents the tragedy of broken lives, forced separation from American children and spouses, alienation and stigmatization endured in a country they don't know and don't understand. A new life begins for these deportees in an environment that is both completely unfamiliar and quite hostile. Many no longer have family on the island and speak little, if any, Creole. Some struggle with addiction and others are coping with mental il more...

Special Collections

Assembled for your classroom and exhibition use, Third World Newsreel's Special Collections groups titles from our library of films and videos around important issues.


Call for Change

The CALL FOR CHANGE 2005 series was a Third World Newsreel project which brought together socially conscious mediamakers of color to produce short videos on communities of color and their state of America. Learn More

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