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Rising Up: the Alams

Rising Up: the Alams
By Konrad Aderer
Produced by Third World Newsreel

As part of the Homeland security measures, immigrant men from 25, mostly Muslim countries were required to enroll in a Special Registrationprogram. The result: no evidence of terror, but some 13,000 people are now being deported mostly for expired visas. The Alams were among the many families who believed that voluntarily participating in the Special Registrationwould show their loyalty. Instead, they face the prospect of breaking up their family, despite a decade of hard work and the raising of two children. Working with DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving), the Queens South Asian activist group, the Alams have become activists, organizing to fight for their right to stay.

Images from Rising Up: the Alams (click any image to view full size)
MNN's digital Garden Summer Series, 2007
International Rescue Committee, Baltimore, 2007
The Social Justice Center, Prisoners' Justice Film Festival 2006

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