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The Woman's Film

The Woman's Film
Produced by Women's Caucus - San Francisco NewsreelNewsreel

Produced collectively by women, this documentary is a valuable historical document of the origins of the modern women's movement in the United States. The film delves into the lives of ordinary women from different races, educational levels and class Filmed mostly in small consciousness-raising groups, from which the women's movement grew, the women talk about the daily realities of their lives as wives, home-makers, and workers. They speak, sometimes with hesitancy, often with passion, about the oppression of women as they see it.

"These real women with their real problems were engaging and left one with the feeling that the camera succeeded in capturing a part of the human struggle."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"The women whose images fill the screen are all shapes and sizes, colors and ages...They appear to have little in common...They do not fit anyone’s image of militant supporters of Women's Liberation...Perhaps this is what makes The Woman's Film so effective."
- Oakland Tribune

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