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Inside Women Inside

Inside Women Inside
By Christine Choy & Cynthia Maurizio
Produced by Third World Newsreel

This film exposes the daily humiliation regularly faced by women in U.S. using firsthand accounts of inmates at the North Carolina Correctional Center for Women, the Correctional Institute for Women at Rikers Island in New York City, and the Elmhurst General Hospital in New York City.

Most Americans probably have some inkling as to the conditions that exist in the prisons of the United States. Most are probably wrong, as this compelling documentary points out. The work of veteran filmmaker Christine Choy has often been concerned with revising our commonly and uncritically held views, most often with hard-hitting footage that simply marvels. Inside Women Inside, which is no exception, exposes the daily humiliation faced by women in U.S. prisons using the very personal accounts of the inmates themselves. It's a film that's so well put together that it's depressing to be moved by such a sad subject. - Brian Whitener, All Movie Guide

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WGBH Television, April, 1979
Women of Color Film Festival, 2006

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