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Beverly Singer

Beverly R.Singer is a documentary filmmaker from Santa Clara Pueblo whosevisual interventions explore contemporary Indigenous peoples lives and perspectives. The fact that many tribal communities (globally) are ‘as old as the lands they reside within’ and,continue to live in respect for their ancestral ways, her work is a record of their presence.She is Associate Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Native American Studies andwas thefoundingDirector of the Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies at the University of New Mexico. Some of hermajor published essaysexploreher filming experience with Indigenous peoplesin Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, and throughout the Americas. She recently (2016) helped with organizing and producinga K-6 Indigenous language curriculum for her community’s elementary school using the entire pueblo history, culture and place as basis of study about themselves. Sheholdsa Ph.D. in American Studies from UNM, a M.A. in Social Service Administration from the Universityof Chicago, and documentary film training from the Anthropology Film Center of Santa Fe. She has independently produced some 25 film/videos and co-produced several major projects including the orientation film “Who We Are” (2004) for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in D.C. She resides at Kha’p’o Owinge-Santa Clara Pueblo.

BR Singer Filmography

Independent Productions (Director, Researcher, Editor)

Native Youth New Mexico, (2018) 5 min.

Morocco: From My Berber Heart, (2017) 24 min.

The Blank Stare at Movie Indians (2015). 12 min.

Il Ngwesi Masaai Lodge. (2014) 16 min.

From Here, There (2013) 6 min.

Joe Sando: Pah Peh Jemez Pueblo Historian (2012) 23 min.

Archiving Indigeneity (2012) 3 min.

Visible Voices: Native American Studies at UNM (2012) 59 min.

Season of Transformation: Decolonized Education at UNM (2006). 24 min.

The Unveiling of Po’Pay (2005). 10 min.

Waking Up on Central (2004) 54 min.

A Feminine Study of Native Women Icons (2006). 6 min

Desert Rainwater Harvesting (2002) 24 min.

Video Virgin (2001) 9 min.

Oku P'in: Alfonso Ortiz, 1939-1996 (2000.) 19 min

Diabetes: Notes from Indian Country (1999) 30 min.

Wellness in Native California: Our Ancestry, Our Future (1998) 23 min.

Native Children to Children: HIV/AIDS (1997) 14 min.

Hózhó of Native Women (1996) 29 min.

A Video Book (1994) 6 min.

He W’o Oo’n P’o: Recovery in Native America (1993) 58 min.

Indigenous People and the Land I & II (1992) 48 min. Broadcast, New York, NY

Mondo's Story (1990) 23 min.

Looking Back for the Future: The Institute of American Indian Arts (1988) 15 min.


Rina Swentzell 1939-2015 (2015) 20 min. Edited footage about Pueblo woman architect, philosopher who reflects about the future of pueblo people. UNM School of Architecture.

Cultures of Exile: Conversations on Language and the Arts Conference (2014) Producer/Editor of 20 videos, 60 minutes each and a separate 30 minute Conference highlights for the International Studies Institute at the University of New Mexico. Featuring renowned international artists and scholars held in January 2014.

The Answers Lie Within: The Institute of American Indian Arts in Southern Africa (2007)

Producer/Director/Editor. In 2007, 41 Native American artists traveled to Southern Africa to co-create art with local village artists in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Directed location filming, supervised four filmmakers and edited 90+ hours for a 56 min. and 27-min. video for the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM.

Who We Are (2004) Associate Producer and Researcher commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian for its’ inaugural opening in Washington, DC in September 2004. Features Indigenous land and place, traditional subsistence, beliefs and practices, self-government and creative expression with location filmi


A 1994 Video Book
Beverly Singer
1994, 6 min., Color, US
In this video diary, Beverly Singer, a documentarian and member of the Santa Clara Tewa Pueblo, has created an introspective examination of her life and memories. She muses aloud about history, personal and national, marks moments of regret and of insight in her life. Using video effects to gently p...

Diabetes: Notes from Indian Country
Beverly Singer
Producer: Beverly Singer
2000, 30 min., Color, US
In 1993, the U.S. Public Health/Indian Health Service reported that 40% of all persons, 40 years and older, residing on American Indian reservations are diabetic. This video visits the Winnebago Indian Reservation in Nebraska, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the Porcupine Lakota community in South Dako...

He Wo Un Poh: Recovery in Native America
Beverly Singer
1994, 54 min., Color, US
A critical look at the effects of alcoholism on Native American communities. Singer, a member of the Santa Clara Tewa Pueblo, introduces us to the experiences of seven Native Americans on the road to recovery from alcohol abuse. Along the way, she reveals her own first-hand experience with alcoholi...

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