Organizing and Filmmaking Exhibition Series

Organizing and Filmmaking: Then and Now

Third World Newsreel is pleased to present Organizing and Filmmaking: Then and Now, a virtual series of free public film screenings, followed by conversations with filmmakers and activists. These events explore the rich history of media arts made by and in collaboration with historically marginalized communities while highlighting the constancy of issues and changes in community response over different generations.

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Third World Newsreel is also thankful for the CARES grants given by NEA, NY Community Trust and Humanities New York.


  • Wed, Sept 8 TEACH OUR CHILDREN and Christine Choy Talks - in person! As part of a 3 week long event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Attica Rebellion, TWN streamed its film on the rebellion and director Choy (who codirected with Susan Robeson) spoke about the making of the film. The film and video of Choy was presented to a live audience at Maysles Cinema, their first in person event since the pandemic. CoPresented by Third World Newsreel, Maysles Documentary Center, in collaboration with Attica is All of Us. the Freedom Archives, and the Documentary Forum at CCNY.

  • Aug 18 We Are All We Have: Screening and Discussion of the Long Term
  • A screening of the film "The Long Term" made by incarcerated artists and co-produced by the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project (PNAP), with several artists sharing their reflections on the film, on political struggles against the prison system, and their experiences; also a talk between Pablo Mendoza and Laura Whitehorn on campaigns for abolition, parole justice, and the end of death by incarceration. Presented by Third World Newsreel. the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project (or PNAP), Parole Illinois, Release Aging People in Prison (or RAPP), the Documentary Forum at CCNY, and Haymarket Books.

  • July 29 The Women Outside and Camp Arirang: Anti-Asian Misogyny and War
  • A week long screening of two films examining the US military in Korea and the impact on women, with a panel featuring historian Minju Bae, poet Emily Yoon, counselor Joyce Kim of Duraebang, a support center for women in the camptowns of US military bases in Korea, Salonee Bahman, writer/activist with the Asian American Feminist Collective and filmmaker JT Takagi in a program presented by Third World Newsreel. Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Korea Policy Institute and the Documentary FOrum at CCNY and the Asian American/Asian Research Institute of CUNY.

  • June 24 Black Nations/Queer Nations?
  • A week long screening of this groundbreaking experimental documentary film about a groundbreaking 1995 conference which brought together luminaries of the global Black cultural and LGBTQIA+ world, with a panel featuring director Shari Frilot, filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris and author Jafari Allen in a program presented by Third World Newsreel and Family Pictures USA.

  • May 12 Abolition, Not Assimilation: A Retrospective of Christine Choy and Third World Newsreel
  • Four Third World Newsreel films: Teach Our Children, From Spikes to Spindles, Bittersweet Survival, and Homes Apart: Korea streamed for two weeks as part of the Asian Pacific Virtual Showcase with Visual Communications, followed by this panel with Christine Choy, Sarah Ahn of the Flushing Workers Center, Devika Girish of Film Comment, Ju-Hyun Park of Nodutdol for Korean Community Development and JT Takagi or TWN. Curated and moderated by Peter Kim George, curator/critic and playwright.

The 2021 Organizing and Filmmaking: Then and Now season was supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council and Peace Development Fund.

FALL 2020

  • September 24 SUMMER 68 with Filmmakers and Activists
  • The Newsreel film, Summer 68 streamed for two days, followed by this panel with filmmakers John Douglas, Norm Fruchter and student artist/activist Michaiyla Carmichael.

  • December 3 Surviving on the Inside: Our Sisters Speak
  • A special screening of the powerful 1978 documentary Inside Women Inside, followed by a community event where women surviving incarceration will share their powerful resistance to the gender and sexual violence of this punishment system through testimony, poetry, and art. This event was a collaboration with Connecticut Bail Fund, Survived & Punished NY, and Life In My Days.


  • June 29 The End of Policing? BLACK AND BLUE and Talk with Filmmakers and Activists
  • Presented in conjunction with the streaming of Black and Blue, which examines a decade of police violence and community response in Philadelphia in the 1980s, the program started with a screening of the short Overreaching Policing by Mark Spencer as part of the Scribe Youth Video project. Then filmmakers Hugh King and Lamar Williams, activists Candace McKinley and Meejin Seol Richart talk with moderator/filmmaker/activist Lillian Jimenez on what the two films, and past and current activism might mean for the possibility of fundamental change in society. An event in collaboration with Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia.

  • July 8 The Legacy and Power of Audre Lorde: A LITANY FOR SURVIVAL and UNSPOKEN
  • The film A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde was free streamed from July 7-9th, 2020. This event, which also screened the short film Unspoken, brought together the filmmakers of Litany, Ada Gay Griffin and Michelle Parkerson, the maker of Unspoken, Patrick G. Lee and moderator TWN Board chair Dorothy Thigpen to talk about the legacy of Audre Lorde and the making of these films, on the 25th anniversary of Litany's completion. This event was presented with NewFest and the Documentary Forum at CCNY on July 8th 2020.

  • July 22 Black Families Through Queer Eyes
  • To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thomas Allen Harris? debut film VINTAGE: FAMILIES OF VALUE, Third World Newsreel and Family Pictures USA present "Black Families Through Queer Eyes,? a virtual screening and panel discussion. Vintage director Thomas Allen Harris talks with filmmaker and Sundance programmer Shari Frilot and MOMA film curator Rajendra Roy about the historical context of Vintage and its cinematic significance.

  • July 28 The Unended Korean War: 70 Years
  • A panel on the Unended Korean War - with speakers talking about the five films being streamed: Grandmother's Flower, Homes Apart, North Korea: Beyond the DMZ, Repatriation and Memory of Forgotten War, and talking about the issues and themes and their continuing impact. Go to for info on mobilization efforts. Speakers: Minju Bae, Hyun Lee, Hye-Jung Park. Presented by Third World Newsreel in collaboration with Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Korea Policy Institute.


  • May 2 Liberation/Decarceration: OUT
  • Laura Whitehorn, subject of OUT: The Making of A Revolutionary, speaks along with other decarceration activists, Shameka Parrish-Wright of The Bail Project and Donna Robinson of RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison) with filmmaker Sonja de Vries.

  • May 9 The Fight for Our Barrios: EL PUEBLO SE LEVANTA and PALANTE, SIEMPRE PALANTE!
  • Talk following the screening of El Pueblo Se Levanta and Palante Siempre Palante with filmmaker/activist and former Young Lord member Iria Morales, Newsreel filmmaker/activists Bev Grant and Florence Summergrad, former YLP member and artist/activist Carlito Rovira and activist Maisha Morales.

  • May 16 The War Against Gentrification: BREAK AND ENTER and MAYDAY: THE ART OF BUILDING COMMUNITY
  • A panel that started with a screening of the short Mayday: The Art of Building Community, featuring filmmaker Carol Foresta (Newsreel, Break and Enter 1971), Esperanza Martell, activist/educator featured in that film and participant in the community effort Operation Move-In; artist/activists Pati Rodriguez of Mi Casa No Es Su Casa and Josh Carrera of Mayday Space, moderated by artist/activist Betty Yu (also TWN Board member) and organized by TWN workshop director Chrystian Rodriguez.

  • May 30 The Battle for Chinatown: FROM SPIKES TO SPINDLES and HERE TO STAY
  • A program that followed the streaming of From Spikes to Spindles (TWN,1976) and showed Here To Stay (TWN/Kong, 2007) and featuring filmmaker Christine Choy, filmmaker/activist ManSee Kong, Mei Lum of Wing on Wo & Co and the WOW Project and artist/activist Emily Mock of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities. Presented in collaboration with the WOW project, the Chinatown Art Brigade and CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities and the New York Public Library at Chatham Square.

The 2020 Organizing and Filmmaking: Then and Now season was supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council and Peace Development Fund.

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TWN acknowledges that in New York we are on the unceded territory of the Lenni Lenape, Canarsie, Shinecock, and Munsee peoples and challenges the harm that continues to be inflicted upon Indigenous and People of Color communities here and abroad, which is why we all need to be part of the struggle for rights, equality and justice.

TWN is supported in part by the National Endownment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affarirs, New York Community Trust, Peace Development Fund, Humanities NY and individual donors.