Christopher Laird


Drummit 2 Summit
Christopher Laird
2009, 45 min., Color, Trinidad & Tobago
On April 18th, 2009, the Rights Action Group and Fishermen and Friends of the Sea held a public event in the St. James Amphitheatre, Trinidad. This event, called a “Drummit 2 Summit,” was to allow for public declarations to be made about the way the society was going in contrast to what was on the a...

Christopher Laird
2013, 97 min., Color, Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidadian Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson, in his 70th year and on the occasion of a massive retrospective in four exhibition spaces talks about his life’s work and demonstrates his techniques in expressing his intention while creating a water colour from the blank page to completion and working on a numb...

No Bois Man No Fraid
Christopher Laird
2013, 100 min., Color, Trinidad & Tobago
Two young Trinidadian internationally certified multidisciplinary martial artists re-discovered their roots in the unique Trinidadian martial art of Kalinda or stick fighting and were accepted for mentor-ship by living legends of the art. Follow Keegan and Benji as with humility, respect and the tot...

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