Dalton Narine

DALTON NARINE, executive producer and producer/director of Mas Man, is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has focused on Trinidadian art and cultural traditions in the 14 documentaries he has produced, directed and written in a span of twenty-five years. The collection of festival films and made-for-television programs include: Masquerade, Streets of Colour, The Minshall Trilogy, Danse Trinidad, Mas Fever, Soca Nation, King Carnival and Panorama, Festival of the Pans.

In 2003, he produced a documentary for TV on steelpan innovator Bertie Marshall in eight days. His latest film, Mas Man, was accomplished in five years, his team featuring main cameraman Benedict Joseph and editor Eduardo Siu.

Mas Man, subtitled Peter Minshall, Trinidad Carnival Artist, is neither story nor biography, but a portrait of the Trinity Cross and Emmy Award-winning designer who compiled mas bands across three decades and served as an artistic director for Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta and Salt Lake City.

A pair of Best Documentary Caribbean Media Awards and a special prize by the Columbus International Film Festival (U.S.) for The Minshall Trilogy are among highlights of Narine's career.

As a print journalist, he wrote for the Village Voice (New York) and was a features editor at The Miami Herald; an editor at Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel; and associate editor, Ebony magazine. Narine has been a features contributor to both the Trinidad Guardian and Daily Express for more than 30 years. A trained public relations practitioner, he also served as assistant manager of public relations for Eastern Airlines.


Mas Man
Dalton Narine
2010, 56 min., Color, Trinidad/US
Mingling traditional Carnival elements with abstract ideas, Emmy Award winner Peter Minshall goes chic to chic with upper crust art in Trinidad’s annual spring festival. The film captures his flair for costumery and the enigma of a designer/artist whose main job seems to open confrontation between g...

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