Tamara Gubernat

Tamara Gubernat is a documentary filmmaker, artist and activist born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Tamara’s creative process involves documenting personal geographies within the constantly changing social and physical landscapes of New York City. Experiencing the drastic shifts in her neighborhood brought on by the Greenpoint and Williamsburg Rezoning, Tamara set out to demystify urban planning and policy to empower individuals to take proactive roles in shaping their communities. Tamara’s upcoming film, "Voice of the Community" examines the current state of community boards, New York City’s existing framework for citizen participation in city government.


Rezoning Harlem: The Battle over Harlem's Future
Natasha Florentino & Tamara Gubernat
Producer: Natasha Florentino, Tamara Gubernat, Juliana Alzate and Pamela Nichols
2008, 40 min., Color, US
Since 2002, more than 100 rezonings have been signed into law in New York City, including the rezoning of 125th Street in Harlem.

REZONING HARLEM follows longtime members of the Harlem community as they fight a 2008 rezoning that threatens to erase the history and culture of their lege...

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