Diego H Ceballos

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Diego Ceballos was born in Argentina in 1971. His documentary films include Heliox (1999), Afroargentinos (2003) and Fusilados en Floresta (2006). Ceballos completed his BA in Documentary Filmmaking at the Avellaneda Film Institute and has been working as a cameraperson for over 15 years at Argentine TV station Artear (Channel 13).


Jorge Fortes & Diego H. Ceballos
Producer: Jorge Fortes & Diego H. Ceballos
2003, 75 min., Color/BW, Argentina
“Most Argentines, if you ask, will tell you: ‘In Argentina there are no black people.’” So opens AFROARGENTINES, a film which unearths the hidden history of black people in Argentina and their contributions to Argentine culture and society, from the slaves who fought in the revolutionary wars agains...

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