Bhawin Suchak

Bhawin Suchak (Producer/Director, Cinematographer, Editor) is a filmmaker, educator and digital media producer who works with emerging technologies as tools to promote expression, communication, and connection. He co-directed Free To Learn, a feature length documentary about radical education and has produced, directed and edited several short documentary films. Bhawin is the founder and program director of Youth FX, a summer filmmaking program for inner-city teens based out of Grand Street Community Arts.


The Throwaways
Bhawin Suchak & Ira McKinley
Producer: Bhawin Suchak & Ira McKinley, Executive Producer: Sam Pollard
2014, 62 min., Color, US
THE THROWAWAYS is a personal exploration of the devastating impact of police brutality and mass incarceration on the black community told through the eyes of formerly incarcerated activist Ira McKinley. With a raw and powerful urgency, the film speaks directly to the national movement that is rising...

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