Jun-seek TAE

Tae Jun-Seek was Born in Chuncheon, Korea in 1971. He completed an Industrial Design Degree at Konkuk University in Korea. His filmmography includes DAYS OF HUMAN (2000), TOT THE BITTER END (2003), THE SONG ON THE ROAD (2007), SHARED STREET (2008), THE WAR WAGED BY YOU AND I (2010) and MOTHER (2011).


Jun seek TAE
2011, 102 min., Color, South Korea
MOTHER follows labor activist Lee So-seon, who for over 40 years organized for workers’ rights in South Korea. A courageous, yet humble woman, Lee’s activism began the day her son, iconic labor activist Chun Tae-il, died in November 1970.

South Korea’s rapid industrialization under the...

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