Bruce Paddington

Bruce Paddington (Ph.D.) lectures in film at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and was the co-founder of the BA Film Program. He has published many journal articles on Caribbean and Latin American cinema and has co-edited, with Luis Notario, the book “Exploring Caribbean Cinema” (2012). He is the founder and festival director of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, President of the Caribbean Association of Film Festivals, co-founder and director of the New World Film Centre and the founder/director of the pioneering production company Banyan Productions. He is an award winning filmmaker, having made over 500 films and television programs, mainly on Caribbean culture. His 2006 documentary, THE MENNONITES OF BELIZE, has been screened at many film festivals and in 2007 received the award as the best cultural and educational program by the Caribbean Broadcasting Union. He latest film FORWARD EVER: THE KILLING OF A REVOLUTION (2013) highlights the revolutionary government of Grenada 1979-1983 and the subsequent murder of the Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and a number of his colleagues. FORWARD EVER was premiered at the 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and was a special presentation at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, Cuba. It has also been screened at the British Library, the British Film Institute and at film festivals in Guadeloupe, Washington and Toronto. He has taught film at York University, Bowling Green State University and at the International Film School, Cuba and been a guest lecturer at Trinity College, Dickinson College, the University of Michigan, Florida Atlantic University, Winona State University, Syracuse University, University of Puerto Rico and the Open University, England.


Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution
Bruce Paddington
Producer: Bruce Paddington & Luke Paddington
2013, 113 min., Color, Trinidad & Tobago
The invasion of Grenada by US forces in 1983 echoed around the world and put an end to a unique experiment in Caribbean politics. What were the circumstances that led to this extraordinary chain of events?

FORWARD EVER explores the achievements and shortcomings of the People's Revolutio...

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