Gwyn Kirk

Gwyn Kirk, Co-Director
Gwyn Kirk is a writer, teacher, and organizer. She is a founder member of Women for Genuine Security and the International Women’s Network Against Militarism, and on the Executive Committee of Women Cross DMZ. Her articles on militarism, environmental issues, and feminist organizing have appeared in many anthologies and journals. She has taught courses in environmental studies, political science, sociology, and women’s studies at several U.S. colleges and universities. She holds a Ph.D. in political sociology from the London School of Economics.

LIVING ALONG THE FENCELINE is her first feature-length film project. As co-director, she contributed first-hand experience, factual information, archival materials, and organizational contacts. She collaborated in conceptualizing the film, and regularly viewed and commented on work-in-progress.


Living Along the Fenceline
Lina Hoshino & Gwyn Kirk
Producer: Lina Hoshino, Gwyn Kirk & Deborah Lee
2012, 65 min., Color, US
LIVING ALONG THE FENCELINE tells the stories of seven grassroots women leaders from across the Pacific to Puerto Rico whose communities are affected by the U.S. military presence in their backyards. Although not considered war zones, these strategic locations are part of a global network of 1,000 U....

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