Tiffany Walton

Tiffany first became familiar with Afro-Mexicans after seeing Tony Gleaton’s photography of the African presence in Mexico, while she was a teen. Later, she read an article in the Los Angeles Times, by John Mitchell, about Afro-Mexicans living in Southern California and wanted to learn more about their stories. As a writer and producer, Tiffany creates content for the lifestyle site, SkinGab.


Invisible Roots: Afro-Mexicans in Southern California
Tiffany Walton & Lizz Mullis
Producer: Tiffany Walton, Lizz Mullis & Richard Goldlander
2015, 21 min., Color, US
More than one million Mexicans are of African descent, yet this heritage is often forgotten, denied, and many times stigmatized, both in Mexico and in Chicanx communities in the United States. INVISIBLE ROOTS is an intimate look at Afro-Mexicans living in Southern California as they discuss complex ...

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