Tony Wesley

It is no secret that Mr. Wave is a pioneer in the Break Dancing culture. His innovative dance style and ability to stand the test of time have cemented him as a living legend of dance. Today, Tony lives a normal life humbled and emboldened by the incredible support (comments, posts and personal messages) of “Wave” fans from as near as NYC and as far as Japan and Asia, Wave is currently in the process of re-establishing his brand with the launch of his “I Never Left” campaign focused on dance, work-shops and the fight against obesity through movement. Wave intends to open several dance studios around the USA that will provide children of all ages the opportunity chance to learn dance while simultaneously fighting obesity.


Wave: A True Story in Hip Hop
Tony Wesley & Brian Bullock
Producer: Tony Wesley & Brian Bullock
2016, 46 min., Color, US
See how the legendary Tony "Mr. Wave" Wesley went from a kid in the Bronx to an international B-Boy superstar to entrepreneur and activist. This film includes never before seen archival pictures and interviews with not only Mr. Wave, but with legendary New York City Breakers such as Lil Lep, Powerfu...

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