Alex Stikich

Alexander Stikich grew up traveling between Venezuela and Yugoslavia to eventually ended up in New York. He works professionally on a wide range of documentary, narrative and experimental projects. His personal work has been screened/exhibited worldwide in numerous festivals and venues including Sundance, the Worldwide Video Festival (Amsterdam), VideoBrasil (Sao Paulo) and The Brooklyn Museum of Art. His work explores issues such as globalization, corruption, immigration and human rights.


Quienes Son?
Alex Stikich
Producer: A Fiacchino/Stikich Production
2002, 8 min., Color
In October 1962, the world was at a standstill. In response to the failed invasion of Cuba by the United States, the Soviet Union began a buildup of offensive missiles on the island. The United States, in turn, imposed a blockade on Cuba and demanded that the Soviets dismantle their arms. After two ...

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