Francisco Cesar Jr.

Francisco Cesar was born in Sao Paulo in 1958. Studied Cinema and Philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo. Executive producer, production manager and assistant director in short films. His films includes POEM: CITY, WE WANT THE AIRWAVES, HIP-HOP SP, SUBURBIAN ROUTE, EAST SIDE ALERT.


Hip Hop Sp
Francisco Cesar
1990, 11 min., Color
Young Black members of Sao Paulo's hip hop movement depict their experience and views of Black Brazilian history through their music, dance and graffiti....

Suburban Route/Rota ABC
Francisco Cesar
1991, 11 min., Color, Peru
This moving poetic essay looks at the survivors of the "Brazilian Miracle", the second and third generations in Sao Paulo to grow up after the promise and disappointment of the great industrial surge of the 1950's....

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