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Randy Redroad

Randy Redroad is a Los Angeles based writer/director/editor. His debut feature, THE DOE BOY, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, winning the prestigious Sundance/ NHK Award. The film went on to win 14 other festival awards and earned an IFP/ Gotham nomination for outstanding directorial debut.

Randy was the first Indigenous participant to be invited to the Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab and is a founding member of the award-winning StyleHorse Collective, a group of indigenous artists working with tribal organizations to create inspiring and educational film and video projects.

Randy was editor on the feature documentary THE INFILTRATORS (2019 Sundance Film Festival – winner Audience Award and Innovator Award), about a group of undoc umented youth infiltrating a for-profit detention center. Randy co-produced and edited the Showtime documentary FIRST CIRCLE. His third feature as director EDGE OF THE WORLD was released last year.

Most recently, Randy has written a television pilot for Amazon Studios, a political sci-fi thriller set on a Nevada reservation.

He is currently a Concordia Studios Artist in Residence.


Cow Tipping: the Militant Indian Waiter
Randy Redroad
Producer: Third World Newsreel Workshop
1992, 10 min., Color, US
In this original short drama, a Cherokee café waiter faces customers who insist on sharing their ignorance about American Indians--or are they Native Americans? His efforts to educate others often end in frustration, and a lousy tip. Based on his own experiences encountering skewed perceptions and d...

Haircuts Hurt
Randy Redroad
1992, 10 min., Color, US
A Native American woman and her young son encounter everyday racism when they visit a local barbershop. The situation leads her to reflect on her own childhood and reconsider her son's first haircut. Director Redroad's short drama speaks to issues of acculturation and identity formation....

High Horse
Randy Redroad
Producer: Randy Redroad
1995, 40 min., Color, US
A provocative narrative on the concept of "home" for Native Americans. The film opens in what the filmmaker calls "the artificial world of the colonizers" - a modern American city. From a cop to a young bike messenger, dislocated Native people search for and sometimes find their figurative and lit...

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