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CORRECTIONS is a documentary about private prisons. A story of justice turned to profit, it presents the new investors in the "war on crime": venture capital and for-profit prisons. With the highest incarceration rate in the world and 1 in 3 black men in the criminal justice system, phenomena like California's Proposition 36 indicate a growing skepticism about the war on drugs and tough-on-crime rhetoric.
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"See this film and brace yourself to be forever changed in the way you view criminals, prisons and our government in general" - David Wilson,
"Hunt has assembled jaw dropping footage..his scathing "Roger & Me" style expose documentary takes audiences behind the walls..." - Prairie Miller, host of 'Soundtracks' on New Yorks WBAI (99.5 FM) radio station
"CORRECTIONS is a groundbreaking critique of the role politics and profit play in the denial of children's liberty. It is a must see for anyone trying to understand the forces that have allowed more young people to be incarcerated while crime continues to drop." - Vincent Sheraldi, Justice Policy Institute, Washington DC
"… a brilliant and searing essay on the present dilemma on the privatization of public prisons … (it) accomplishes its goals at every level. Hunt never tells us what to think, but allows us to understand difficult situations with great ease, his ability to expand subjects to powerful dimensions is quietly elegant. CORRECTIONS is a glaring cry for justice for the befallen, for the poor, for all who believe in justice." - Rod Hewitt, Roughcut
"A compelling indictment of US corrections policy, prison privatization, and the growing prison-industrial complex." - David Fathi, ACLU National Prison Project
"… so powerful and persuasive … Hunt's well-rounded film de-fangs such ubiquitous slogans as "getting tough on crime." - Merle Bertrand, Film Threat
"With a prison population of 2 million , six times the number incarcerated 30 years ago, America finds itself in a situation of staggering social and political dimensions, Ashley Hunt's 59-minute documentary, CORRECTIONS, approaches the topic from the perspective of prison privatization, and the uneasy marriage of punishment and profit … it presistently proves a relevant and powerful film." - Curt Holman, Creative Loafing, Atlanta
• Slamdance International Film Festival 2001
• Martin Luther King Jr. Center 2001 Dream Series
• Atlanta Film & Video Festival 2001
• Critical Resistance Film Festival 2001
• Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 2001
• Open Society Institute, The Soros Foundation
• Lindesmith Center's 01 Drug Policy Reform Conference

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