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In the Absence of Peace
Producer: Martin/Shepard Production
54 minutes
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In the Absence of Peace
"In the past, the workers did not have all the possibilities we have now, despite the war waged against us."

This documentary explores the human and social costs of the continuing military and political conflict in Nicaragua, in the aftermath of revolution following four decades of dictatorship. It is the story of people living under the stress of poverty and war, and their hopes for the future as they attempt to construct a new and fundamentally different society.

Structured around the experiences of ordinary people, this documentary is organized into three movements. In Part 1, the testimonies of women and men account for the political and social conditions in Nicaragua that caused the popular insurrection against the Somoza dictatorship. Part 2 concens what the "revolution" means to Nicaraguan at the level of everyday life and culture, and in the practice of farmers, workers, and professionals in production. And in Part 3, the intervention of the United States in the continuing conflict, and its role in the peace process is examined from the perspective of Nicaraguans.

• Finalist, Athens International Film & Video Festival
• LASA Award of Merit in Film, 1989
• International Festival of Latin American Cinema, Havana
• Encuentro de Cine y Video Alternativo, Puerto Rico
• Leicester International Film & Video Festival, UK
• CineSanJuan Film Festival, Puerto Rico
• Black International Cinema, Berlin
• San Antonio Cinefestival
• Humbolt Film & Video Festival, Arcata
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