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A fascinating look into the lives and thoughts of seven Queer Pan-Asian Canadians as they look back on ORIENTATIONS, a 1984 documentary in which they featured. How have they changed? And how has the world around them evolved and changed?

In 1984, Richard Fung released his seminal first documentary ORIENTATIONS: LESBIAN AND GAY ASIANS. Featuring 14 women and men in Toronto of South, East and Southeast Asian backgrounds, ORIENTATIONS was the first documentary to explore the experiences and perspectives of Queer Asians in North America. Capturing pivotal moments in Toronto’s history, it presents an intimate portrait of the texture of gay live and politics at that time. RE:ORIENTATIONS revisits seven of the original participants as they see anew the footage of their younger selves, and reflect on their lives and all that has changed over the intervening three decades. Their interviews are deepened and contextualized by conversations with six younger Queer and Trans activists, scholars and artists.

Orientations participants:
Sylvia Alfonso, Paul Cheung, Gary Joong, Prabha Khosla, Alan Li, Mary Woo-Sims and Tony Souza

Re:Orientations conversations:
Ponni Arasu, Robert Diaz, Judy Han, Nathan Hoo, El-Farouk Khaki, Gein Wong
ILL NANA Diversity Dance Company: Jelani Ade-Lam, Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, Kumari Giles

Written & Directed by Richard Fung
Research Collaborators: Roland Sintos Coloma, Amar Wahab
Camera: Kwoi Gin, Iris Ng
Editor: Dennis Day
Original Score Orientations: Glenn Schellenberg
Original score and sound design Re:Orientations: Phil Strong & Thomas Hoy
Adaptation of Orientations score: Phil Strong and Thomas Hoy
Sound recording: Chandra Bulocon, Huan Nguyen
Additional camera: Richard Fung, Nathan Hoo, Kim McNaughton
Camera assistance: Raj Nandy
Production management: Faraz Anoushahpour, Annette Mangaard
Research assistants: Byron Chan, Alvis Choi, Madison Cooke, Naomi Dodds, Fritz Pino, Alyssa Teekah
Also Available by Richard Fung: ORIENTATIONS and DAL PURI DIASPORA
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“What does Asian Canadian queer identity look like today?” - Niko Bell, Daily Xtra
“A necessary document.” - Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine
"Revisiting his landmark work ORIENTATIONS, Richard Fung here connects with seven individuals profiled in 1984, exploring how they underwent an evolving notion of self-identity during a period in which diversity and tolerance became more prevalent. In addition, several young LGBT individuals comment on today's society versus the world in 1984. An interesting follow-up, this is a strong optional purchase." - P. Hall, Video Librarian
"An excellent teaching tool for diversifying one’s syllabus and addressing social justice issues and Asian representation in North American society." - Jennifer Ho, Films for the Feminist Classroom
• Inside Out: Toronto LGBT Film Festival, World Premiere
• Vancouver Queer Film Festival
• Pervers/Cité & Qouleur

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