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Mohawk Nation
Producer: Third World Newsreel
45 minutes
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Mohawk Nation
In 1974, a group of Mohawks reoccupied a part of their ancestral land and proclaimed it Ganienkeh. MOHAWK NATION, made in the mid-70s by the occupants themselves and the Third World Newsreel crew, is an intimate portrait of a people reclaiming their roots and searching for a better life.

Ganienkeh symbolizes the re-establishment of the Indigenous way of life, which is an attempt to live and work together according to Mohawk beliefs and customs. In this film, audiences witness the Ganienkeh lifestyle, the re-establishment of their identity, their freedom and dignity as a sovereign nation, and the reflourishing of the Mohawk Nation. Today, the Ganienkeh community continues to protect their independence and have become a self-sufficient nation in North America.
"MOHAWK NATION documents a story of repossessed ancestral land... it paints a compelling portrait of a movement in flux. [It] remain[s] compulsory viewing—not only for [its] historical importance, but also for the way that [its] urgency continues to resonate in the here and now." - Jamie Berthe, Film Quarterly, Vol. 73, Number 2
• The Hour of Liberation film series, Film Forum, 2019
• Experimental Tuesdays, UWN Union Cinema, 2019
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