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Voodoo Dance
52 minutes
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Voodoo Dance
Le Ronde Voudou
This film documents the significant role of Voodoo in Haitian culture from the perspectives of Voodoo priests, government officials, historians and politicians. Attacked by Western clerics and declared a "superstition" by law in 1935, Voodoo has always been a source of empowerment for the average Haitian. And scholars argue that despite the exploitation, romanticization and vilification of voodoo, it remains an authentic and stabilizing cultural base of everyday Haitian society.
"A remarkable document of the years after the 1986 fall of Duvalier, showcasing a wide-range of prominent intellectuals and artists... it would be an excellent resource in a course that dealt with dictatorship and society in 20th century Haiti. Will likely challenge many viewers of the U.S., notably students, who sometimes find it difficult to shed the encrusted visions of Vodou--inherited often unconsciously from popular culture--when confronted with the complex realities of the religion." - Laurent Dubois, Duke University, Caribbean Studies Journal

• Best Foreign Documentary 1991, Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame
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