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Sanctuary: An Expression of Conscience
Third World Newsreel Workshop
Producer: Third World Newsreel Workshop
23 minutes
Sanctuary: An Expression of Conscience
This film describes the war in El Salvador and the plight of its people who flee persecution and death only to be denied sanctuary under the U.S. Refugee Act. The refugees' struggle for a safe haven in the U.S., in the face of a contradictory and indifferent refugee policy, is brought into sharp historical perspective by examining U.S. immigration policy toward Jewish refugees during World War II.
"...this documentary speaks to the heart." - Rabbi Marshall Meyer
"...(the) video makers...exemplify the tradition of socially committed independent artists." - Edward James Olmos, actor/ director
"…the best historical interpretation of the sancturay movement I have seen." - Rev. John M. Fife
"…powerful and moving…" - Ann Crittendon, Author
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